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New Beginnings II

The Magic:

Following up on the success of the living room (New Beginnings), our clients wanted to bring an aspect of design continuity into their master bedroom - keep the same look and feel, as well as some of the colors, but create a comfortable, minimal and masculine space.


We hunted for and discovered this gorgeous gem of a bed in the pre-loved market, which was brought back to life by oiling the wood and metal accents. To address the lack of storage space in this bedroom, we used a beautiful 3-drawer cabinet as bedside tables and managed to also fit in a chest of drawers, increasing their wardrobe space by nearly 30%. Our clients loved the living room and were looking for a consistent but more masculine design in the bedroom - we recommended using similar colored throw cushions and contrasting them with darker accents. We reupholstered their existing tufted pouf from a sunshine yellow to a plush black velvet fabric, framed their colorful artwork in black frames with black floating mounts and styled the space with minimal metal & glass accessories. In order to create a sense of space and airiness, we steered away from any strong feature or colors, and instead painted the walls a soft beige. A soft weave bed throw and gothic style 4-lamp chandelier provided the final and finishing touches to this bedroom.

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