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Dynamic Form

The Magic:

Welcome to a special bedroom for a pre-teen boy, Luka, who is starting to express and explore his style while still holding on to his favorite childhood hobbies–sports, comical book characters, and Legos. In fact, most of the styling in this bedroom are items that Luka has made himself. Unlike his sisters’ room, the overall style of this bedroom could not be too themed, as it is required toalso function as a guest room when needed. Therefore, this is a sophisticated scheme and palette; bold, but still very much tailored to Lukas unique personality and interests.

As we mostly reused existing pieces of furniture, a few design elements were key in bringing life to this space–color, dynamic form and movement, accent lighting, and organization. Adding to that base, the styling elements such as the yellow hexagon shelving, wall-mounted posters, the oversized funky clock, etc, truly provided just enough pop to successfully transform the room into Lukas dream space.

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