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Touch of Indian

The Magic:

This home is a beautiful amalgamation of the distinct cultures and stories from the North and South of India, which brings together the diverse backgrounds of the young couple that lives in it. Tasked with a tight budget and a requirement to retain all the existing furniture, we sought to introduce elements that could strike a happy balance between traditional and contemporary. The house was lacking a certain sense of soulfulness and pop that the couple was looking for, which we then brought in through really defined feature elements an eclectic collection of cultural artifacts to welcome you at the entrance, that gorgeous handcrafted wallpaper that breathes life into the living spaces, a soft turmeric tone to compliment and uplift all the warm hues in the space and finally, as the election of artwork that reflects the couples youthful personal taste/style. This slightly unorthodox approach to a traditional aesthetic is what we feel ultimately accomplishes our client's goal of living in a contemporary Indian home.

Our Spaces

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