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Stylish Retreat for the Modern Gentleman

The Magic:

Welcome to this playful bachelor pad. This client that has a fast-paced career, travels often and prioritizes simplicity & efficiency in his home. The client envisioned a minimalist bachelor pad that combines simplicity, functionality with a touch of masculine style and colors. The space evokes a sense of calmness and sophistication while providing distinct areas for various activities within a small space. The design reflects the client's personality and preferences, creating a comfortable and inviting home that aligns with his fast-paced lifestyle.

This project is a contemporary twist on a traditional masculine style with a focus on minimalism and neutral tones. Our goal was to achieve a sleek and sophisticated aesthetic while optimizing functionality and space utilization. We have embraced clean lines, sharp edges and a minimalist design approach that translates through contrasting accents of steep surfaces. The overall apartment styling showcases the client’s artwork & travel photography collections in a minimal adornment.

Our Spaces

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