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Soft Simplicity

The Magic:

The conceptual undertaking for this house was to celebrate the clients Indian heritage in a soft, minimal way through use of muted tones, textural surfaces, and ethic motifs, in order to bring a strong sense of ‘self’ to the interior. The goal from the onset was to create a sensory experience for our clients and their 2 furry companions.

Since the clients were drawn towards a Hygge aesthetic, we decided the space needed a single oversized and extremely comfortable sofa, and the rest of the spatial arrangement would flow around this central element. Indian artifacts and art adorn the walls and surfaces as a nod towards the couples personal aesthetic, combined with contemporary touches to bring a certain ‘light & airy’ quality to the interior. This home is approachable and warm; at once welcoming to guests if entertaining, as

well as relaxing for the family while unwinding. Can you tell that rattan weave is a hot favorite in this home? Over here at tIC, we’re living for this dreamy vibe!

Our Spaces

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