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The Wardrobe Room

The Magic:

Imagine a space in your home that was entirely yours.. a space you’ve always dreamed of, that represented you, had all your favorite things together and brought you so much joy every day. That is exactly what this bedroom, titled ‘Jewel Box,’ represents to our dear client. When a space is as intimate as home is, it evolves from simply selecting furniture, lighting and art to – how do you want to feel in this space?  

This was the approach we took with designing this bedroom, which functionally presented a challenge in maximizing the rooms potential to suit our client requirement of: wardrobe with island, additional storage, full length mirror, WFH office and prayer room. This room is elegant, uplifting, soft and feminine with its beautiful Tiffany blue tones, gold accents and contrasting material palette. We design not just to solve functional problems, but aim to create emotional experiences for our clients. To us, the stunning original artwork is the final pièce de résistance in this room that does just that!

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