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Bloodstone Blues II

The Magic:

The key to a successful guest bedroom is to strike a happy balance between style and comfort–a space that is curated enough to feel welcoming, but not overly styled so that it becomes unapproachable. This guest bedroom is situated on the ground floor of a home we worked on 6 months ago, our wonderful project titled Bloodstone Blues. The brief was to create continuity so that all the ground floor spaces share the same design language and color palette, but the bedroom additionally needed to feel really warm, comfortable and welcoming.

Rich and deeply contrasting tones in a bedroom can really create a sense of intimacy and coyness, which we were able to capture by painting the walls and ceiling with a deep beautiful blue. We designed the rest of the space very intentionally, with the bulk of the budget allocated towards a blissfully comfortable bed and mattress–an absolute requirement of any good bedroom. A pebbled textured rug, soft sheers that blow in the wind, plush seating, dimmable accent lighting, and textured colorful throws and cushions are all little touches used to bring life and color to the space. Finally, we loved using a combination of organic accents and materials that brought in little hints of the outside world and helped this room feel styled in a way that authentically reflects our clients.

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