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Eclectic New York Loft

The Magic:

The conceptual undertaking of The Eclectic New York Loft was from the perspective of combining creative edge with a high-design aesthetic, connecting a monochromatic base palette with vibrant pops of color to create a sophisticated home for this young multicultural family. This loft-style space, defined by its high ceilings, large windows, and open space plan, was designed to be a modern city oasis with plenty of storage solutions to accommodate the client's busy lifestyles. The color/material palette, clean furniture lines, and uncluttered spatial planning also allow for a freeness in movement and ease of transition between spaces. Our design solutions for this duplex apartment are suitable for family members that span 3 generations, from 4 to 65 years of age. Right at the onset, we knew that aside from form and functionality, this house would be incomplete without celebrating the personality of each of its occupants – que the vibrant rugs, energetic accent art pieces, glamorous chandelier, and hints of animal accents throughout. Can you spot the leopard?

Our Spaces

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