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Perfect Boys' Room

The Magic:

This project is a timeless, modern, and functional boys' room designed for two brothers. The youthful room provides the young boys with space for studying, playing board games, and entertaining friends. The room consists of muted blues, greys, and blush accents that create a calming atmosphere, while at the core of the room, a large wooden world map sparks curiosity and adventure.

Our goal was to design a room that will grow with the boys into their teenage years, providing them with a space they can enjoy for a long time. In the design of the room we prioritized the needs of the two boys, including their interests, preferences and study habits, in order to craft a room that aligns with their lifestyle and fosters productivity. The layout has been optimized to ensure harmonious flow between study areas, gaming zones and as well as a spot for social gatherings.

This room is a space where the boys can create lasting memories, explore the world, and embark on exciting adventures together.

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