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Inhale, Exhale

The Magic:

This client wanted help redesigning her bedroom to be a space where she could feel at peace. She wanted a complete revamp, but also wanted to ensure her husband wouldn’t feel out of place in their new bedroom. Our aim with this room was to design a space that is a retreat from technology - a zen space to mediate, realign and release the stress of the day.


On the TIC style quiz, our client got a fairly equal mix of Tranquility, Minimal and Scandinavian. Both partners gravitated towards the natural / earthy base with some highlights of color from the different options we put forward. The beautiful Ikea bed frame, a shelving unit and side tables were our pre-loved finds. We recommended buying a new bamboo fiber mattress as their current one was far too big for the room size. By reducing the bed size to a 160 x 200 cm (from a 2x2m), the room instantly opened up and we were able to create a little meditation nook, framed with some lovely artwork, and a space for dressing / storage. The beautiful carpet, bought at an absolute steal price - 90% discount on sale, perfectly compliments all the natural timbers in the room. Green linen and yellow velvet cushions, the rust patterned throw, and the painted arch ‘headboard’ came together seamlessly to add in just the right amount of elegance, transforming the room into a vibrant yet calming space.

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