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Bloodstone Blues

The Magic:

This villa, with a twist on modern, luxury design, is nestled in the heart of DubaiHills. The client had a clear brief for the functionality of the space it needed to be a home that exuberated their love for a little bit of bling, and a lot of hosting parties and (importantly!) game nights. The overall design style for the interior was informed heavily by the architecture of the villa, as well as existing interior elements (TV unit& bar) via Design Smith. Every furniture piece and styling element was carefully selected and purposefully placed, keeping in mind the brief, aesthetics and functionality of the home. As the name suggests, we used jewel tones as real pops of color in the space, punctuated with accents of brushed gold and warm greys, and carried the same language all the way to the entrance. In an existing niche at the foyer, we designed a clever little-concealed shoe rack/ bag storage for visitors. The DB board, usually an eyesore in foyers, is concealed with a fluid organic painting from the lovely Beabea Artstudio. Entertaining family & friends in a ‘wow’ space was the focal point of this clients vision, and based on this we created and delivered a design that ensures that all four spaces in the ground floor–living, dining, bar & gaming are individual but also beautifully cohesive and flow easily into each other.

Our Spaces

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