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An Indian Summer

The Magic:

The design intent in this project stemmed from maintaining a balance between modern /industrial clean lines and yet a touch of Indian warmth with splashes of sufficient color. This was to showcase the personalities of both people living in this space. We aimed not to cross the thin line of being too quirky or eclectic–and stay away from the stereotypical Indian décor or themes. The concept was a contemporary home for a family of 2 adults & a furry friend. The home was centered around their busy lifestyles, ease of maintenance, and spacious enough to entertain family & friends. The focal point was a pillar visually in the center of the space–we had to think of creative usage of this space. We wanted to ensure that there was a good backdrop in every corner of the home for any content creation videos. There was a request to have as many plants as possible & a full-size mirror.

Our Spaces

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