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Is professional interior design for your home necessary or indulgent?

Interior Design For Your Home

Professional interior design has a bit of a bad rep in the residential market, often packaged as an unattainable luxury or an unaffordable indulgence. Oh so desirable, but not quite so necessary - especially when it comes to the rental market. So apart from it’s obvious aesthetic value, why is design important anyway?

1. Wellbeing - Recently, a greater appreciation for the emotional health-promoting qualities of interior design is filtering into wider society. The quality of design features, finishings, color palette and materiality have a direct impact on the occupants experience and use of the space. Taking a conscious or mindful approach while designing means the space is purposed to support your needs, which truly helps reduce stress and promote happiness.

2. Enhanced functionality - A home needs to function and feel as good as it looks. Space needs to be optimized. Things need to last. Overall, your home needs to be a usable space that supports relaxation, entertainment and, increasingly, productivity. When all that is carefully considered, you have a home that not only serves you, it represents you.

3. Structure and organization - Anyone can put together a good looking house, but the real skill in residential design lies in understanding how people currently live, but more so how they aspire to live. A well designed space anticipates and addresses your everyday tasks and needs. Everything has a place and storage is well considered, allowing your life to be exponentially simplified.

Investing in your home is really an investment in yourself and your family. So much more than just getting your ‘decor’ or ‘styling’ right, residential design that is really thought through provides you with so much freedom by facilitating your everyday life routines. Significant research indicates that a well designed space can indeed enhance the quality of your everyday life. Creating a home that’s intuitive, where everything has a place, and is based around supporting your wellbeing - that is what good design is all about. In our books, that is the definition of true luxury and could not be more necessary.


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