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How to style a throw

If you’ve ever thought about adding a throw to your bed but figured it was unnecessary, think again! A throw is a smallish blanket that is also a handy little accessory, helping you easily elevate your bedroom styling without breaking the bank, by adding in some texture, color and pattern to what usually tends to be a blank canvas.

Apart from the obvious aesthetic value, cozy velvet or knit throws help keep your feet warm while you chill in bed, fleece or wool throws can be used as a second blanket during winter, cotton throws can be used as a thin comforter during summer months, linen throws can be draped on a canopy instead of sheers, woven throws can double as a funky headboard (if you have bed posts) and decorative throws can also be used like shawl as you lounge around the house.

How to style a throw blanket you ask? While it may be all in the name, casually tossing your throw versus artfully draping it makes a huge difference between effortless and sloppy. Here are two quick styling tips:


Across the foot of your bed –

Fold your throw blanket horizontally and align it with the end of your bed or drape it over the foot of your bed. Play with clean and tidy lines, but also don’t be afraid to go the gathered or pleated route. Sometimes, combining both together ticks that ‘just right’ homely but well styled box.


Diagonally across the bed –

Drape your throw diagonally across the bed, from one corner at the foot to the side. This casual drape creates a relaxed and inviting, perfectly imperfect, look.

When it's not being used on the bed, a throw makes for a vibrant room accessory. Some days just roll it or fold and stash multiple throws in a stylish wicker basket, crate, trunk or any storage bin. They are handy to use, quick to find and stay out of your way. This can be kept in a bedroom or even a family room, where blankets help create that ultimate hygge vibe.


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