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Modern For Our Lives

The Magic:

‘Modern for our lives’ was the profound catch phrase used to describe the vision for this home. A space that was sleek and chic, yet homely and inviting. Our clients are a couple who are both part of the creative industry, and they wanted their living space to reflect their passions and tell their unique story as simply and seamlessly as possible.


We began by evaluating what their individual must-haves were. Within the living room, she wanted a small space to call her own, where she could be surrounded by her plants and books. He wanted something as a main focal point to ‘wow’ his guests, smart tech to be incorporated in the space and finally his funko collection to be prominently featured. Sufficient provision for entertaining guests was important to both of them. We designed the entire space in 3D, carefully deciding on the balance of heavy & delicate and light & dark, thereby ensuring the house didn’t get too moody in terms of design style. The clients got a mix of Eclectic, Modern and Industrial styles in the tIC style quiz - we instantly knew the perfect design elements that would provide that ‘wow’ feature wall. The final result is a space that's completely fulfilling and heart warming, from corner to corner and everything in between.

Our Spaces

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