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Boho with a touch of Chic

The Magic:

This lovely young couple came to us with a vision of having a very homely, inviting space where they could host their loved ones, display memorabilia and little mementos from their travels, have lots of family pictures around and finish it off with touches of greenery throughout. The space itself was a blank canvas and they were very happy for us to be creative and surprise them - which is easily one of our favorite types of projects. As always, we started putting together a concept based on the results of the style quiz, which in this case were: Boho, Scandinavian and Minimal, as well as the couples main requirements: a bar, really comfortable seating, and something unique for their existing wall niche. We're thrilled with the way the house turned out - the feature wall panelling with shallow ledges behind the sofa allowed us a space to display their small decorative pieces, the wall shelving at the entrance lets our clients change around their pictures and accessories as needed, the beautifully made custom bar provides a real wow element to the space and ties it all in together. The monkey, however, is the piece de resistance that really finishes off this home beautifully.

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