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Autumn Breeze

The Magic:

A Scandinavian-inspired, minimal-clutter house with architectural clean lines and organic materials–the designer's dream project! With a color palette inspired by the warmth of an autumn breeze and tactile plush surfaces, this home provides the perfect calming retreat for its owners, who are busy professionals and triathlon enthusiasts in their spare time. We layered some high-quality key pieces with carefully selected high street styling elements to create this very affordable living/dining area. Speaking of dining, it is probably our favorite space in the house–a perfect little nook that allows you to entertain easily, relax, read, watch TV or even take quick naps (as confessed by our client). P.S. Would you guess that the gorgeous TV unit is a simple IKEA hack?

Subtle washes of color have been layered on top of a neutral palette of earthy and water-inspired tones–using organic materials such as wood–oak and birch–metal and glass.

Furnishings, including a large comfy sofa paired with a wool rug, are pet-friendly as well as stylish. The round coffee table with metallic legs perfectly matches the black side table with a magazine rack–instantly creating a reading corner. The soft woolen look swivel chairs with exaggerated textures from the Loom Collection can be positioned to watch tv, use PlayStation, or simply makes a comfy reading space.

The dining nook was created keeping the overall space constraint in mind. The custom-made bench with storage below is an excellent way to seat people while entertaining larger numbers.

The art in the dining area has been curated keeping the client's personalities & hobbies in mind.

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