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Artist's Haven

The Magic:

Our client came to us with a very clear vision - she wanted her home to proudly reflect her life, culture, travels and artwork, as well as embody her carefree, modern sensibilities. We didn’t need a style quiz to understand she loved the Boho chic design aesthetic, along with touches of the Eclectic and Urban Jungle flair.


We considered all aspects of this design in 3D, ensuring we could fit in the functions of entertaining, dining, studio and relaxation comfortably within the small space. Her jungle mural was the first thing that caught our eye - it had such an incredible presence to it, we knew we had to use it prominently within the space. It provided the perfect backdrop to define her dining area as well as inspired the theme for the rest of her home. Even though our client loves bold colors, the beige and white walls were intentional to provide a blank canvas and showcase all her beautiful artwork. We used color and print in the upholstery and textiles instead, combining it with an eclectic mix of plant holders scattered throughout to create that Boho vibe she loved. Our client made and painted her coffee table herself, which we then added castors to (for ease of movement) and complimented with a textural natural fibre rug. Layers of soft furnishings add the finishing touches of hygge to this beautiful home space.

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